Stampede Shows Custom Installation Integrators How to Stay Ahead of the Herd at CEDIA 2014

Industry-leading distributor of ProAV solutions showcases innovative high value added systems for digital signage, unified communications, AV/IT, and presentations that take dealers out of the trap of commodity pricing.

Challenging custom installation dealers and integrators to see that ‘the profits are always to be found in the details,’ Stampede Presentation Products, Inc. is using its CEDIA 2014 exhibit to showcase a number of specific system solutions that add value and profit for custom installation dealers looking to beat the trap of commodity pricing when designing systems for their ProAV customers. 

“Stampede always rides ahead of the herd when it comes to pointing the way to the future for our CI dealers just as we do for our ProAV dealers,” Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly said today.  “Our corporate vision is to be the best at creating value for our partners and just one more way we are providing our customers with integrated system solutions that add value to their end-users and profits to their business.  We believe this is the new model for our industry — an industry that is being reinvented by the commercial reality of the Internet of Things.  And this couldn’t come at a better time for an industry looking for a path forward out of the woods of commodity pricing.”

According to Kelly, Stampede’s CEDIA 2014 exhibit program will reinforce this commitment by showcasing real world solutions in channels like corporate, healthcare, education, house of worship, and digital signage.  “In each instance we will show customers how to stay ahead of the herd in their local markets by adding profitable connectivity tools, software, accessories, and new devices that didn’t exist five years ago.  These are the areas that add profit to the system configuration and sale.”

The message is taking hold throughout Stampede’s organization, Kelly stressed, and it’s bringing a number of manufacturers into the Stampede portfolio. At the show Stampede will be exhibiting products from DJI, EPSON, Walkera, HP, LG Electronics, Lumens, Mustang, Neurona, Samsung, Sharp, SONY, Vaddio, VDO360, Vision, Xpand, and Wyrestorm.

“If there is one message we want our manufacturers and dealers to take away from CEDIA 2014 it is that Stampede is always ahead of the herd when it comes to providing intelligently designed, profitable solutions that work for our manufacturers, our dealers, and, most importantly of all, the end user customers we all ultimately are in business to serve.”